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Medical Billing Software Support Services

Adding a software solution to streamline your medical practice’s processes can optimize your facility’s efficiency and profitability. However, integrating these solutions can sometimes involve a learning curve, as employees attempt to navigate the new platform. Additionally, the inherent chaos that comes with daily medical facility operations can hinder your ability to successfully integrate these solutions and quickly achieve the desired outcome.
At Healthpac, we understand the demands associated with running a medical facility. That’s why we provide medical billing support services to promote scalability, productivity, and efficiency across your organization. Leave the hard work to us while you take care of what’s most important—your patients.

Let us help you get your reporting, billing, backlogs, and more back on track when you call us at 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230. We’re ready to provide the support you need!

Benefits of Healthpac’s Medical Billing Support Services

Managing each facet of your medical facility is hard work. By enlisting help from Healthpac’s medical billing support services, you can pass off some of your more pressing tasks to our team of professionals.
When you choose Healthpac’s support services, you can:
  • Catch up on backlogs without sacrificing productivity
  • Build variability into the “direct cost” portion of your P&L
  • Gain a stronger understanding of client profitability through expert reporting
  • Save time and money while focusing attention on patient care
Our team guarantees extensive Healthpac system knowledge and an accuracy rate of 98% or higher. When you trust us with your medical billing support needs, we vow to have the project turned around in 48 hours, with most jobs completed in just 12 hours. We’ll even provide you with platform question and answer sessions, buffer resources, and more at no additional cost.

Call Healthpac at 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 to learn more about our medical billing support service solutions.

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How to Add Medical Billing Support Services

We understand that different medical facilities have unique needs when it comes to support services and medical billing. That’s why we offer several ways to incorporate our medical billing support services. You can request these services on a:
  • Project basis: Use our services as-needed for one project at a time with no monthly impact on your cash flow.
  • FTE basis: Secure our services at a fixed rate to use them at your convenience.
  • Transactional basis: Get the help you need on an ongoing basis without paying a fixed rate for unused services.
Our team will work closely with you to determine your need for support services, providing you with the best plan for your practice and your budget.

Let us help you get your medical billing and productivity back on track. Call 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 today to discover more about our medical billing support services!

Expert Medical Billing Support Is Just a Call Away

Since 1981, Healthpac has been a leader in medical billing and scheduling software solutions. We provide health care workers with first-class services and innovative solutions so they can remain profitable, productive, and efficient. Get back on track by unloading some of your facility’s backlogged tasks onto the team of trusted professionals at Healthpac.

Give us a call at 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 to access the support you need for any of our cutting-edge software products!

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