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Intelligent Analytics Reporting Software
Managing a successful medical practice means having access to robust analytics reports for each aspect of your health care facility. Manually gathering data across your health care billing, coding, patient referrals, revenue cycle, and more is both time-consuming and costly. Health care workers need a tool that can automate reporting, providing them with actionable data in one easy-to-use platform.
Healthpac’s analytics reporting software achieves precisely that! Our innovative software gathers all essential data across your health care organization, presenting it in one platform. Easily access important information about your population health, clinical quality measures, denials and cost analytics, and more with our robust analytics reporting software.

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Understanding the relationships between each aspect of your medical facility can be a huge challenge for health care workers. Automated analytics reporting reduces the manual labor required to gather actionable data related to your medical facility, streamlining processes while enhancing productivity and profitability.
Our advanced reporting software empowers your staff to:
  • Easily access patient care data to avoid gaps in required services
  • Review practice and provider performance for clinical quality measures
  • Manage PQRS quality measures to maximize MIPS and value-based modifier filings and adjustments
  • Combine data across multiple facility locations for single-source reporting
  • Leverage predictive analytics based on historical data for more comprehensive insights
With our analytics software, health care workers can take proactive precautions to ensure more efficient and effective processes for billing, coding, patient care, scheduling, and more. User-defined alerts enhance accountability to improve workflows and ensure essential tasks are performed in a timely fashion. And performance scorecards make it easy to track progress across your health care facility and manage process improvements.
With Healthpac’s powerful analytics reporting software solution, you can power a more productive, profitable, and efficient medical facility.

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Discover More About Intelligent Analytics Reporting Software Your Medical Facility
Since 1981, Healthpac has been an industry leader in medical coding, billing, and scheduling software solutions. Our unique product offerings provide health care facilities with the tools they need to remain profitable, productive, and efficient in an ever-changing digital environment.
With intelligent analytics reporting for your medical facility, you’ll gain access to actionable insights that can help you achieve significant change for your health care organization.

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