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Medical Billing, Scheduling & Practice Management Software Products

Healthpac Product Offerings for Health Care Workers & Facilities

Medical facilities are complex organizations with many moving parts. Billing, scheduling, patient records, and more all fall under the responsibility of health care workers. Without the right tools to streamline processes and manage workflows, these essential operations can easily go awry.

Healthpac’s complete product offerings include a variety of software solutions designed to help health care workers optimize efficiency, productivity, and profitability across their medical facility. Here’s a look at our cutting-edge product offerings.

Electronic Health Records

Easily integrate electronic health records for your patients with Healthpac’s Electronic Health Records software solution. Our cloud-based solution makes setup easy! Through a simple internet connection, your entire health care staff can conveniently access any patient record needed. Plus, with customizations available for virtually any medical specialty, you can personalize your EHR software to meet your specific needs and workflows.

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Evolution Calendar & Scheduling Software

Keeping track of patient and physician schedules is a huge challenge for medical facility workers. With Evolution calendar and scheduling software, health care workers can access real-time updates for physician schedules, allowing them to accommodate their patients’ needs more easily. Batch eligibility provides schedulers with the ability to view multiple physicians’ schedules or multiple days and times when they may have availability for their patients.

HPlusPro Medical Billing Software

As Healthpac’s most robust product offering, HPlusPro provides health care workers with an all-in-one solution for enhanced medical facility management. Easily manage accounts receivable with fee schedules, automated reporting, and error checking for provider claims.

Maintain accountability with employee permissions and workflow management options. HPlusPro’s dynamic program offerings provide the perfect solution for enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your medical facility.

Intelligent Analytics Reporting Software

Our DashboardMD intelligent analytics reporting software is an incredible tool for health care workers. It offers:

  • Simplified revenue cycle monitoring
  • Report distribution
  • One-off analytic reporting
  • A plug-n-play platform
  • Several DashboardMD features, like enterprise roll-up reporting, performance scorecards, predictive analytics, and more!

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