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Medical Billing, Analytics & Reporting Software
Healthpac, a leading medical billing software company, offers state-of-the-art software and solutions to support various needs. Our customizable medical billing and practice management software options provide the efficiency and flexibility to run health care practices smoothly.

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How Our Cutting-Edge Medical Billing Software Can Transform Your Practice
At Healthpac, we’ve created robust medical billing software to speed up the billing process and improve accuracy at every step. Our software has been developed for a variety of medical offices and hospital-based specialties, offering customizable features to meet the unique needs of different types of practices and health care providers.
Features of our medical billing software include:
  • Clearinghouses
  • Scheduling software for providers
  • Features that streamline workflow*
  • Electronic health record (EHR) interfaces
  • And more!
*We offer our own EHR solution that is 2015 compliant and certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology® (CCHIT). This software can streamline data entry, offering exciting ways to enhance efficiency in the EHR management process.

To request your free, live demo of our medical billing and practice management software, call 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 or contact Healthpac online.

A Look at Our Software Options: HPlusPRO & Evolution
Two of our latest, most advanced offerings for medical billing and practice management solutions include:

HPlusPRO Practice Management Software: With dynamic reporting and data management features, HPlusPro lets you compile custom reports and easily drill down to any piece of supporting data. This medical billing workhorse comes with robust features like multiple fee schedule options, user-controlled rejection rules, auto-generated reports, and much more.

Evolution Practice Management Software: As one of our newest medical billing and scheduling solutions, Evolution offers a custom user experience, backed by flexibility, real-time eligibility features, and streamlined support options. Powerful features standard in Evolution include flexible charge and payment features, HL7 interface capabilities, popular Windows features, and batch eligibility options.

Who Can Benefit From HPlusPRO & Evolution Software?
All types of health care providers and related medical businesses can streamline billing and practice management processes with our HPlusPRO and Evolution software. This includes:

Don’t see your medical practice on the list? Call us at 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 or contact Healthpac online to find out how our software can benefit your practice!

Medical Billing & Practice Management Software Features
The cutting-edge, dynamic features that come with our innovative software solutions include:
  • Specialty-driven patient screens
  • Practice-specific rate tables, allowing for multiple fee schedule options
  • Override and rules tables
  • Concurrency options
  • Unique CPT charge code features
  • Insurance carrier-specific features
  • Special location features
  • Incident charge posting for rapid charge entry
  • Customizable statement options
  • Real-time eligibility checking
  • Therapy caps tables
  • And more!

Call 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 or contact us online to request a free, live demo of our medical billing software and solutions!

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