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Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. is a nationally recognized medical billing software company that’s a leader in medical coding, billing, and scheduling software development.

The company was founded in 1981 by B. D. Claborn Jr., specifically to address the growing needs of billing professionals in the ever changing healthcare industry. Healthpac has been a leader since its inception in designing and implementing highly efficient and effective healthcare billing software. Since our initial installation in 1981 with a neurological group, we have fought to keep pace with, and exceed, the demands so necessary to survive in the complex healthcare billing environment. Incidentally, as a testimony to our success, that first client is still a loyal and successful client to this date. It is rare to find that kind of loyalty today, and speaks volumes to our level of service to clients.

We have grown from that single client to an installed client base serving nearly 30,000 healthcare providers nationwide. During that growth, Healthpac has remained true to its initial core mission. That mission was to design and provide reasonably priced, highly effective billing software for the healthcare industry. Ever mindful of current economic conditions, Healthpac’s national clientele enjoy maximum productivity levels with a minimum FTE workforce. Healthpac’s breakthrough healthcare billing solutions will make your company more efficient, take less time for the same tasks, all with less staff.

The glowing testimony of Healthpac is generations of faithful service and support to our client base, the “Healthpac family”. The main requirement for a provider or group to remain successful today is to ensure timely collections in a proper fashion. This challenge in an ever changing environment that grows more complex month by month, and DEMANDS a partner that can react quickly and provide positive results in a short period of time. Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. wants to be that trusted partner for you! We have been honored and blessed to be able to provide billing solutions for virtually the entire healthcare community, including installations for start up companies, medical billing companies, laboratories, and private practices to name a few. This long term survivability has allowed Healthpac’s software solutions to grow and evolve into the feature rich, robust application that it is today.

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare billing software development. Healthpac’s software solutions include scheduling, bi-directional HL7 interfaces, EMR, dashboard analytics, and robust paperless work queues for both Part A and Part B billing. We offer both ASP services or turnkey licensing using your own equipment. Whatever your needs may be, Healthpac has the solution.

B.D . Claborn, Jr.
President and Founder
Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc.

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