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Vendor Spotlight

There is no better time to take advantage of digital patient engagement.

Inbox Health is transforming medical billing one patient at a time with personalized and intelligent interactions that deliver a clear and convenient billing experience for every patient.

A trusted and fully integrated partner of Healthpac, Inbox Health is the industry standard for medical billers and practices that want to increase collections and shorten revenue cycles – while reducing administrative costs.

The Inbox Health platform automates the patient communication process through a simple interface within Healthpac so Medical Billers can realize value quickly.  We use bi-directional correspondence, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence so every patient understands their medical bills and has access to different payment mechanisms, and medical billers and providers achieve optimal patient receivables.

As one Inbox Health customer said:

“We noticed a difference right away. Patient payments increased over 39%, and we noticed a radical decrease in our posting process time.” – James, Your Health Lab

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