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Laboratory Billing & Practice Management Software Solutions
From understanding payer contract limitations to processing claims, Healthpac’s robust laboratory billing and practice management software solutions allow medical labs to achieve greater efficiency in their essential processes.

Specialized Software for Laboratory Billing

Our software empowers health care workers with easy access to essential data, including automated reporting and payer performance tracking. Through our easy-to-use platform, users will gain access to dashboard analytics and powerful features designed to streamline processes and communications between health care facilities and payers.
With Healthpac’s laboratory billing software, facility workers can easily view reimbursement rates from payers before processing samples. Our user-friendly platform comes with a host of robust out-of-the-box features; however, our billing solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We understand the unique needs of medical lab workers, which is why we provide customizable rules designed to regulate workflows and process claims more easily within the laboratory setting.
Our laboratory billing software is guaranteed to increase collections within your health care facility for improved profitability. Easily manage the revenue cycle from billing workflow to financial statistics in one versatile platform.

Don’t wait for an unexpected audit to negatively impact your laboratory billing department—call 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 to request a demo of Healthpac’s powerful platform today!

“We’ve automated a lot of processes, and Healthpac has always been readily available to help through the process. Everything we do is integrated into Healthpac so our staff doesn’t have to go into five different programs. Healthpac’s software is extremely efficient and very effective.”
– Mona Cordova
PhyMed Healthcare Group
Powerful Features for Improved Practice Management
At Healthpac, our mission is to help your facility optimize practice management. For us, that means providing you and your team with extensive training as you transition to our platform—and as your facility’s needs and processes may evolve in the future.
Our customer service representatives are always available to assist with platform navigation. Plus, we rely on user feedback to make system updates that will improve the user experience.
Our robust platform includes powerful features, like:
With assistance from our knowledgeable support team and a wide range of powerful platform tools at your disposal, your laboratory will be well on its way to improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Discover what Healthpac’s software solutions can do for your medical laboratory billing processes by calling 1-800-831-9419 Ext. 0230 for a demo request today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Billing Software

When it comes to Healthpac’s premier laboratory billing software, our team of experts field many questions from professionals just like you. Which is why we have compiled some of the most common questions we receive from healthcare and medical professionals concerning the quality and functionality of our innovative software.

When it comes to software for your laboratory’s billing purposes, it can be tempting to opt for services that claim to be “free” in order to save on operational costs. However, these “free” programs are not always what they seem.

Most lab billing software that claims to be free comes with these four distinct problems:

  1. Lack of efficient technical support. When you opt for free software, you will likely run into some technical issues that can significantly slow the process of implementation. Many medical practices don’t employ an in-house IT staffer who can perform the often-significant installation and maintenance processes required for this type of software. Likewise, many practices would need to hire an IT consultant (or hire professional tech support from the “free” software company for a hefty price, ranging from $40-$120 per hour).
  2. Paid upgrades are often needed for full functionality. When you choose to go with a “free” software download, you may not realize that you probably won’t get full functionality of the software until you upgrade to the next tier of membership. Depending on the number of tiered membership levels, this could get expensive to maintain, especially if you are tacking on tech support or IT costs as well.
  3. Lack of speed and customizability. When you run into a problem with your billing software, or when you desire increased flexibility in billing, you shouldn’t have to scour the internet to get the answers you need – you should be able to pick up the phone and contact a professional who is familiar with your practice and your workflow. This level of customer support is almost always lacking when it comes to “free” billing software.
  4. Privacy concerns. How much do you really know about the “free” software you are downloading? How can you be sure that your patient’s sensitive information is secure? Privacy and HIPPAA law is a huge factor in choosing a billing software for your practice, and it’s critical to choose a company that has a reputable background and favorable reviews.

Taking risks on software that lacks technical support, customer service, or the necessary safety protocols is likely to cost your practice more in the long run, making that “free” software much more expensive.

Healthpac’s billing software allows for extensive customization and flexibility for your specific specialty or billing needs. Unlike many free software options, our services are fully backed by premium support services that facilitate continual growth and knowledge-sharing among users. We have dedicated forums designed for feedback, sharing of ideas, and workflow options. We provide weekly updates to our software, as well as monthly webinars to illustrate the enhancements in a step-by-step format. Updates are then listed on our Wiki page, our online training manual, available to our users 24/7.

Current Healthpac users can attest to the reasons they love our software: the cost containment aspect combined with the full flexibility to customize the system – either internally or in partnership with our support team – to perform the billing as each organization wishes and still maintain direct visibility on the data and system configuration.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory billing software was designed to integrate seamlessly with our practice management and EHR system software. Likewise, Healthpac’s partnered vendors integrate easily with our billing software and our partners have excellent user feedback on important items such as support, pricing, and software integrations.

Our billing solutions come with a host of robust features right out of the gate; however, it is certainly not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that the needs of pathology lab workers, diagnostic departments, or other hospital facilities are unique; which is why we provide customizable features designed to regulate your workflow and process claims more easily within your specific setting.

With our healthcare billing software, you are able to easily view reimbursement rates from payers before processing samples, and we aim to empower healthcare workers with easy access to essential data, including automated reporting and payer performance tracking. Likewise, with access to our dashboard analytics, designed to streamline processes and communication between health care facilities and payers, you will have the tools to find the healthcare billing solutions you need through our integrative software.

We employ an extremely knowledgeable support team for you to utilize whenever you need them. Our methodology is rooted in continual learning and improvement through group collaboration and implementing customer feedback regularly.

Our training department is designed to help you brainstorm and find new workflows, while our customer users’ forum is aimed at sharing feedback, ideas, and workflow enhancements. We also host an annual Users’ Meeting in Savannah, GA to further enhance relationships and group collaboration, which is a full conference with partnered vendors, Healthpac departmental classes, and a themed party at the end.

Further, we provide weekly updates to our software and a monthly webinar, where each new update is illustrated in a step-by-step manner. The updates are then listed on our Wiki page and our online training manual, which is available to our customers 24/7.

We believe that group collaboration and knowledge sharing leads to further enhancements in our software, which is why we make these available for all clients, free of charge.

In short, we offer both! We provide software that is both cloud-based and customer hosted so that our clients have the most robust set of options available for their practices’ set of unique needs.

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