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Healthpac Partners with HealthPay24® to Elevate Patient Experience Levels with Emerging Consumer-Payment Technologies

Integration means immediate benefits for billing software member-base and patients.
SAVANNAH, GA (March 10, 2019) – HealthPay24®, a premier SaaS provider of innovative patient payment solutions, and Healthpac Computer Systems Inc., a nationally recognized leader in practice management software, have announced a strategic partnership to elevate the patient payment experience through a patient-centric, consumer-driven approach.
The integration of HealthPay24® into the Healthpac PMS enables a cloud-based patient payment solution branded to any Healthpac member or client provider entity. The solution delivers best-in-class POS & patient self-service portals as well as innovative patient messaging and analytics engines. The SaaS-driven platform ensures the ongoing, unique ability to adopt emerging as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies for the benefit of all users: both enterprise and patient.
“Patients want options and a great experience, and we’re proud to say that our clients are equipped to adopt the new best practices to meet this demand,” said HealthPay24® President Julie Gerdeman. “We’ve seen that when offering discounts, payment plans, loans, and IVR at all patient touchpoints, providers can quickly experience increased payment adoption and satisfaction rates across their entire healthcare enterprise. We’re very excited to bring these opportunities to Healthpac’s billing software member-base for the immediate benefit of both their clients and patients.”
The rise in patient financial obligations has shifted the provider mindset to collect more upfront and enable patients to better self-serve (i.e. pay online, via text, mobile, IVR, set up payment plans, enact discounts, etc.). Medical billing software vendors also play an important role in the provider-patient relationship but must now be equipped to deliver consumer-driven solutions that can optimize payments workflows at all patient touchpoints.
“This strategic partnership is a clear signal that as a provider of medical billing software to the medical industry, Healthpac recognizes the valuable addition of HealthPay24’s services to its customers,” said Healthpac CEO and founder Buddy Claborn. “HealthPay24’s services are easy to set up and can be configured to meet the user’s specific needs. They have been proven to increase office productivity and enhance the patient payment experience.”
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