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What is the Difference Between EHR & Practice Management Solutions?

When it comes to medical facilities, the vast array of software tools being used can seem puzzling. And with so many software companies claiming to have the best products on the market, the process of choosing the right vendor may feel even more stressful. Which is why it is important to understand what each specific software was designed to accomplish, empowering you to make the best selection for the needs of your practice.
Two of the most popular types of medical facility software are electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software. While both software models are designed to increase efficiency and overall productivity within the workplace, they function a little differently on a day-to-day basis, bridging the gap between two distinct, but critical, areas of your medical facilities operations. Let us take a closer look at each.

What is an EHR?

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. Electronic health records are geared toward documenting and storing patient medical information electronically. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While an EHR does contain the medical and treatment histories of patients, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient’s care.
EHRs are a vital part of health IT and contain information ranging from a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, and medications to treatment plans, immunization dates, and laboratory results. One of the key features of an EHR is that health information can be created and managed by authorized providers in a digital format capable of being shared with other providers across more than one health care organization.
In a nutshell, EHRs are built to share information with other health care providers and organizations – such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and school and workplace clinics – so they contain information from all clinicians involved in a patient’s care.
The functionalities Healthpac EHR software keeps digital records of:

Why Choose Healthpac EHR Software for Your Medical Practice?

The move from paper records to digital files has been a process adopted by many medical facilities worldwide. It makes perfect sense – storing paper files for patients is cumbersome. EHR is the modern solution to paper files.
Healthpac’s premier EHR system provides flexibility and control for clients to utilize the vendors of their choice; these can include – clearinghouses, statements, scanning, credit card processors, payments, and coding solutions. Healthpac encourages multiple vendor relationships and adapts to customers various preferences, while providing a current “Partnered Vendor List” if a customer does not have a preferred vendor for the service or add-on they are seeking. Our partnered vendors integrate easily with our software and have important user feedback on priority features such as customer support, pricing, and software integrations.

Medical Practice Management Software

Practice management software in the medical industry is typically geared towards managing patient flow and the general documentation for the entire medical office. It helps deal with the day-to-day work that goes on behind the scenes.
Great practice management software will include four main features:
  1. Claims denial management
  2. Financial reporting
  3. Scheduling
  4. Insurance eligibility verification
Healthpac practice management software includes the above features, along with patient demographics entry, ICD10 coding, charge posting, payment posting, A/R follow-up via interactive worklists and queues, as well as patient statement and reporting.
Effective practice management software is often the first thing owners and managers of medical practices deploy, especially during a period of growth. Healthpac’s comprehensive practice management software was designed to easily integrate with our well established EHR system.
Not sure whether you could benefit from practice management software? Contact Healthpac today to receive a free demo of our powerful Evolution practice management software and decide if it is right for you!

Understanding Practice Management & EHR Solutions for Your Medical Facility

Healthpac’s foremost EHR and practice management solutions consist of software that work hand in hand with one another. EHRs are built to share information with other health care providers and organizations – such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, as well as school and workplace clinics – containing all information from each clinician involved in a patient’s care. Our practice management software easily integrates with an EHR system and is extremely user friendly.
Our software solutions, HPlusPro and Evolution, emphasize user group collaboration and knowledge sharing. Healthpac has arranged a Google group Users Forum, created specifically for generating feedback, sharing ideas, and providing workflow options. Healthpac also hosts an annual Users Meeting – this fun and educational experience serves to further enhance relationships and communication among vendors and clients.
Our cutting-edge software stands out among competitors for various reasons, including:
When it comes to maintaining a healthy and robust workflow for your medical practice, Healthpac’s EHR and practice management software are the tools you need to succeed. Built to be adaptive and effective through substantial growth and fluctuations in your practice, our HPlusPro and Evolution software solutions are sure to keep your practice running efficiently.
Want to learn more about Healthpac’s powerful practice management and EHR software solutions for your medical facility? Contact our team of leading medical billing software experts for a free demo today!
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