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Development & Training Department

Our Quality Development & Training Department

A unique aspect of our team of trainers and developers is their extensive backgrounds in healthcare billing and software. Many members of our team have worked as practice administrators, and some even owned their own billing companies before joining the Healthpac family. The collective experiences and backgrounds of our team allows for a deeper understanding of our premium software and how it can best serve our clients.

Comprehensive Training Department Updates

In order to keep lines of communication open and our clients informed, our Training Department sends out weekly emails to our clients that highlight various topics, such as:

  • Recommended daily processes
  • Recommended reports
  • Functional reminders
  • Review of existing software tools
  • Solutions to common problems
  • Address current issues being seen in the Support Department
  • Vendor spotlights
  • Important feature updates

The Training Department works to empower the user base, taking every opportunity to include links to online supporting information and printable documentation. We emphasize user group collaboration and knowledge sharing, and we have a Google users’ forum designed specifically for soliciting feedback, sharing ideas, and presenting workflow options.

We provide weekly software updates, along with monthly webinars to detail each update in illustrated, step-by-step format. We then place these updates on our Wiki page, our online training manual, which is available to clients 24/7.

Annual Users’ Meeting

To further enhance communication between our training and development team, our users, and our partnered vendors, we host an annual users’ conference in Savannah, GA. This encourages group collaboration and creates an enjoyable atmosphere of growth. Through the duration of the conference, we provide departmental classes to assist our clients, and we cap the experience with a themed party at the end.

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Embrace Knowledge Sharing

We not only provide comprehensive knowledge-sharing opportunities through digital forums and software updates, but we believe in collaborating in person as well. Join our annual users’ conference to learn and connect with others, attend informational classes, and get to know our premium vendors.