Company Overview

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has been in the medical billing industry since 1981, with over 37,000 providers that are submitting claims out of the Healthpac software daily. Healthcare organizations face growing demands on all sides. Whether you are a medical billing company, laboratory, or private practice the challenges facing staff are the same. Healthpac can help you bring your organization to the next level by giving your employees powerful automated processes that will help them to complete their job functions effectively and in a timely manner. Healthpac has innovative software that will meet the demands of all those involved in your business - patients, clients, physicians, executives, employees, and owners. Uniquely, most of Healthpac's employees: trainers and developers have extensive medical billing background, as they have worked within a practice as a practice administrator and some have even owned their own billing companies, before working at Healthpac. This experience allows for deeper understanding in the development and training of our software.


Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare billing software development.

The company was founded in 1981 by B. D. Claborn Jr., specifically to address the growing needs of billing professionals in the ever changing healthcare industry. Healthpac has been a leader since its inception in designing and implementing highly efficient and effective healthcare billing software. Since our initial installation in 1981 with a neurological group, we have fought to keep pace with, and exceed, the demands so necessary to survive in the complex healthcare billing environment. Incidentally, as a testimony to our success, that first client is still a loyal and successful client to this date. It is rare to find that kind of loyalty today, and speaks volumes to our level of service to clients.

We have grown from that single client to an installed client base serving nearly 30,000 healthcare providers nationwide. During that growth, Healthpac has remained true to its initial core mission. That mission was to design and provide reasonably priced, highly effective billing software for the healthcare industry. Ever mindful of current economic conditions, Healthpac's national clientele enjoy maximum productivity levels with a minimum FTE workforce. Healthpac's breakthrough healthcare billing solutions will make your company more efficient, take less time for the same tasks, all with less staff.

The glowing testimony of Healthpac is generations of faithful service and support to our client base, the "Healthpac family". The main requirement for a provider or group to remain successful today is to ensure timely collections in a proper fashion. This challenge in an ever changing environment that grows more complex month by month, and DEMANDS a partner that can react quickly and provide positive results in a short period of time. Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. wants to be that trusted partner for you! We have been honored and blessed to be able to provide billing solutions for virtually the entire healthcare community, including installations for start up companies, medical billing companies, laboratories, and private practices to name a few. This long term survivability has allowed Healthpac's software solutions to grow and evolve into the feature rich, robust application that it is today.

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare billing software development. Healthpac's software solutions include scheduling, bi-directional HL7 interfaces, EMR, dashboard analytics, and robust paperless work queues for both Part A and Part B billing. We offer both ASP services or turnkey licensing using your own equipment. Whatever your needs may be, Healthpac has the solution.

B.D . Claborn, Jr.
President and Founder
Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc.

Client Testimonials

  • "The thing I like most about Healthpac doesn't come from how we put in charges, payments or adjustments. It comes from the times that Healthpac has helped us get through the industry changes. Over the past 10 years, we've faced many transitions and what Healthpac has done for me as the administrator of our practice management system is they've given me less worry. Healthpac has been able to transition me through all of the medical industry changes without any interruption of our cash flow."

    Lisa Powell
    Integrated Physicians Management Services
    Hartford, CT

  • "If you are looking for a billing platform that is built for productivity you cannot go wrong with Healthpac."

    Jon Schuessler
    Medical Office Support Services
    Atlanta GA

  • "With Healthpac we've been able to grow but have less employees. We've had a lot of processes we've automated and Healthpac has always been readily available to help us through that process. Everything we do is integrated into Healthpac so our staff doesn't have to go into five different programs. Healthpac's software is extremely efficient and lets you manage your employees and their time very effectively."

    Mona Cordova
    PhyMed Healthcare Group

  • "HP is a great partner. We've appreciated their genuine approach to helping us solve our business problems. They're affordable and unlike other software companies, they are here to listen to great ideas and turn them into innovative products. We really appreciate the partnership we have with Healthpac."

    Jo Ann Sting
    Advance Radiology Services, P.C.
    Grand Rapids, MI

  • "Our partnership with Healthpac is the first time I've been with a practice management vendor where I did not feel the need to change vendors even when we experienced very rapid growth. My staff love the software and they are incredibly productive. Healthpac is a true partner with their clients. They listen to our feedback. We get weekly software updates rather than annual software updates, and I've never considered leaving Healthpac even though we've experienced 600% growth over 10 years. I would buy Healthpac again tomorrow."

    Ginger Ryder
    Renton, WA

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