HPlusPRO Practice Management

Practice Management Reporting lets you customize and create reports featuring data from your Healthpac applications. You can quickly locate detailed supporting information about any piece of data contained within your report with the drill-down and specific parameter capability available in each report.


Healthcare organizations face growing demands on all sides. Whether you're a large multi-location facility, or a small practice medical billing company, the challenges are the same. Meet the demands of all involved - patients, clients, doctors, executives, owners, and employees, with Healthpac's suite of medical billing software solutions.
HPlusPro is our robust, medical billing workhorse - see below for out of the box features.


  • Robust claim rules by carrier
  • User controlled rejection rules
  • Multiple fee schedule options
  • Auto generated reports
  • Scanning feature
  • Employee defined permissions
  • Comprehensive Work Queues with user defined profiles
  • Report Generators that allow you to export your data
  • Auto generated comments
  • Pre-error checking for all claims
  • Client specific 835 electronic posting rules
  • Charges/payments CSV posting templates for quick upload
  • User Productivity reporting
  • Not a cookie cutter software, designed to incorporate additional rules needed for different specialties
  • User driven software - our clients matter to us!