Award winning proprietary software since 1981, Healthpac is a leading provider of laboratory billing and revenue cycle management software solutions. Bi-directional, HL7 electronic data interfacing provides seamless communication to any hospital and LIS provider. Our client base includes clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories throughout the country and the state labs of Texas, South Dakota, and Florida.

Healthpac software provides easy access and complete transparency to essential data such as dependable reporting for tracking payer performance and viewing reimbursement rates, all essential tools in today's competitive laboratory environment.

Features included under Laboratories:


Our Laboratory billing software includes all of the below features:

  • Client Billing: from multiple fee schedules to customized statements
  • MetaCoder: Healthpac's solution to roll up CPT/Charge/Test/Accession codes into 1-2 codes
  • 837 File Viewer: Healthpac's solution to locate/minimize claim rejections
  • CSV charges and payments templates for easy upload
  • Eligibility verification with supported clearinghouses
  • Revenue Cycle Management: from laboratory billing workflow to financial statistics
  • Reports output to Excel/CSV for easy edits
  • PAMA/PQRS reporting and Sales Rep activity reporting
  • Data conversion CSV templates for easy upload
  • Customizable system produced patient statements
  • User controlled settings and rules tables
  • LIS integrations; HL7 interfaces to EHRs to send/receive billing information between your LIS and HPlusPro Billing Software

We guarantee an increase in collections when you install our Laboratory billing software solution. If you are interested in a demo, click the button below.