If you are a physician, you know that accurate billing is an important component of your medical practice. At Healthpac, we have over 28 years of experience in working with physician and billing personnel. There is no better way to increase collections than to use an accurate and automated physician billing software solution.

Our breakthrough billing solutions employ strategic managing to the model and closed loop processes. Our implementation of a paperless work queue environment typically frees up your billing team to produce two to three times more results than they would normally. At Healthpac, we automate the management side of a company and not just the clerical side. Our H+Plus Professional physician billing software offers the following features:

* HIPAA Compliant

* Logical Design for ease of use and minimal training requirements

* Reduces Days in A/R through advanced built-in error detection

* Turnkey and ASP models available

* Part A and Part B billing included

* …and more!

Healthpac’s extensive development and billing background has led us to be one of the recognized leaders in the healthcare billing field. We invite you to experience the Healthpac breakthrough solution. Come see the future today! Please contact us or call 1-800-831-9419 for more info.

Physician Billing Software