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Healthcare Billing SoftwareEliminate Healthcare revenue leakage! Healthpac's medical billing software enables increased efficiency and accuracy while preventing your practice from letting money slip through the cracks.
Physician Billing SoftwareSee the information you need quickly and easily! Our comprehensive reporting software allows you to put your practice's most important data in a variety of easy-to-read formats ready for analysis.
ICD-10Healthpac's HPlusPRO software is 100% ICD-10 compliant and the new ICD-10 codes and CMS GEM list is available to all sites using HPlusPRO. Healthpac provides ongoing resources so that our sites are READY! Click for more information!
EHNAC Accredited Healthcare Administration Tech Association

Healthcare organizations face growing demands on all sides. Whether you're a large multi-location facility or a small medical billing company, you're still facing the same challenges. Healthpac's industry leading software can help. A unique capability to augment your practice's strategy and eliminated wasted revenue separates Healthpac from every other medical billing software provider.

Medical billing software designed to be easy and bring more revenue to the bottom line. More Billing Software Info

"The efficiencies we obtained by moving to Healthpac allowed us to add business without adding employees. This went straight to our bottom line. In more recent years we have appreciated the constant development of Healthpac's billing platform. If you are looking for a billing platform that is built for productivity you cannot go wrong with Healthpac."

Jon Schuessler
Medical Office Support Services
Atlanta GA


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