HealthPac reports are so flexible and customizable. This allows us to give our clients the best reporting available in the industry.
Work Que’s have allowed us to add more clients with only a minimal increase in staff

Ginger R. / E-Medex

Hpro makes the chore of billing and collections much easier. With this program we decreased our FTEs and increased our revenue for all of our clients. The support is the best! Absolutely a program worth buying!!!

Darlene E.

Great step-by-step implementation, good response from support, trainers who know the product and are responsive and helpful, solid software that knows what a biller needs to be efficient and effective. I like how the reports have been reorganized and expanded. I heartily recommend it – we have had a most positive experience with Healthpac.

Pamela F.

Healthpac fully meets our needs. They have the best billing software on the market. They are always enhancing the program way before current trends change in the medical billing field. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the state of the art system that may need to have unique enhancements to meet your billing needs.

Carla M.

If we had not purchased this software with all of the time saving features I would not have been able to maintain an office of 3 surgeons by myself. Charges, billing, posting payments, refunds, automatic posting of large electronic
remittance advice patient statements, etc speed is wonderful, easy to transition, support staff is great. The input of different clients to Healthpac has enabled them to help us all with updating the software to our needs as we all progress. We have been with Healhpac for 10 years and the HPLUS PRO is fantastic. It does save time and time is money.

Marcia P.


Kristi S.

Easy to use, great features especially for a billing company, cost effective and good return on investment, quick and responsive customer support. H+Pro is well worth the time and financial investment. It is easy to learn, able to support the sole practitioner yet robust enough to handle large groups. Customer support is excellent and issues resoved timely. Great product and great company to work with!!

Dorthy H.

It is apparent that the system was designed by people who know medical billing well.

Peter C.

Healthpac Boot Camp
In my opinion, the HealthPac boot camp is absolutely indispensable for all clients of the company; it’s a means of brushing up on the system as a whole, learning new things, a great forum to discuss questions / issues and even to get sneak peeks at new products on the horizon. It was also really great to meet all of your staff and to develop a personal relationship with you rather than just a business one. I give it four stars!!


The Healthpac software is going great. We’ve had a few quirks that seem to be solved now, and while it was bad having problems, it was nice to see how quickly things were resolved and how people seemed to care. I have learned so much about this system, it is just amazing. I remember struggling to learn when you were here and that seems so long ago. I’ve learned a lot, I still have much more to learn, but I am very happy with my progress. I just had the pleasure of speaking with Michael; we were having problems with Medicare, but turns out it was our other program, not Healthpac. Even though it wasn’t his system, he was so helpful and with the information he gave me I hope I will be able to fix the other program.

Thanks for asking!

We were drawn to Healthpac because it is not a mega corporation. We had also talked to Sequel Systems but didn’t feel like the company and software was a good match for us. Prior to that, we evaluated dozens of programs. We felt that our needs would be better met with Healthpac and found that they were willing to do what it takes to make a billing service happy.
The sales process left us a little uneasy but I suppose it always does when making a major purchase. We wound up signing with Healthpac and are currently in the training and implementation process. The training has been outstanding. The more we learn, the more impressed we are with our choice.

John Z
Mt. Prespect, IL

We have enjoyed working with Healthpac and have seen a dramatic increase in cash flow since switching to Healthpac last year.
Lebanon, TN

The H2000 system by Healthpac has been a very good choice for us — A/R continues to run around 32 days, aging is excellent, and between this and our A-Life Coding product, we’re down to 10 staff members (including myself) — when we had up to 19 in the last 5 years. We’ve been on the system a little over 1-1/2 years now.
As for A-Life, we couldn’t do without it! Does it 100% code everything? Nope. Does it streamline the process, make it more consistent, quicker, efficient, etc.? Definitely and then some. At any rate, between the speed with which we are able to process our coding and the backload of charges to H2000 almost entirely eliminating the needs for “hands on” data entry, we did NOT replace the full-time coding position (my Billing Coordinator and I do all the coding, along with our other jobs) and eliminated the data entry position. The other factor is that currently only one of our locations is able to provide our reports in “electronic” format, so we are doing this off reports that we scan here and then forward.
To me there are two key points in evaluating any billing system… The ability to collect money utilizing that software, and the response of the support staff behind the scenes. In my many years of working in health care, and the multiple systems I’ve installed, I have to comment that not only was this by far the smoothest conversion/cut-over I’ve ever gone through, but we had our first payment back in the door ten (yes 10!) days after go-live! I think that pretty much speaks for itself!
While our average days in A/R has not decreased (we maintain between 32 and 35 days), our staff has decreased from 19 to 11 as a result of implementing Healthpac! There is the cost savings!!
In addition, Support continues to be first-rate — while nobody is ever perfect, it’s also those responses during the “bobbles” that indicates a company’s stature as well. Healthpac’s response to critical issues is top rate, keeping the goal of “claims out the door and dollars back in” front and center; their dedication and forward direction to always improving their abilities to respond, as well as the system’s abilities overall, are what keeps us excited to be a part of this system!

Yakima, WA

I came from a large billing company in St Louis who used the Micro med system. The AR was not in the upper collection category. For over 4 years, now billing for a small orthopedic group, the AR has been fantastic from the start. The doctors were amazed at the speed of the collection return as well as the substantial increase in collections. Healthpac is a user friendly and accurate system.
The malpractice in Illinois has hit us very hard and I truly believe if not for Healthpac our doors would have closed last year. If I have a billing emergency, your staff responds as if it were their own. We are a small group and we are treated by Healthpac as equals to larger groups. That is a big plus for support. Healthpac is constantly striving to move forward in today’s technical world and yet has the time to keep us trained, educated and above all gives us patience to learn.

Marcia P.

Lyons Family Practice purchased Healthpac July 2003. I had just been hired as AR representative. Six months later, I became Office Manager. I am one of your greatest fans. I love Healthpac. It is so user-friendly and easy, and I’m sure that there’s a lot that I haven’t discovered yet! I highly recommend Healthpac. Even though I don’t have to call Support very often, they are there when I need them.

Gloria R

Hey Buddy… we just finished running totals on all of our clients and the difference between what we used to get for our clients with the old software and what we can get with Healthpac is 23 – 26%…. Pretty impressive! As soon as we get the “col” module… that should get even better!

Sue I.

Hi Lindy,
I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how Healthpac H2000 has impacted our business. In a word, streamlined. Since converting to Healthpac from Medical Manager we have reduced the review cycle of outstanding insurance claims from 90 to 45 days. We have dramatically reduced the aging of our insurance receivables. Scanning of EOBs and charges have saved countless man-hours and tons of file cabinet space.
We continue to move towards a paperless environment. By mid year, seventy percent of our insurance claims should go out electronically and come back electronically! This will continue to save us manpower. In fact, we added four new practices over a six month period and didn’t add a single employee!
Needless to say we have been very happy with our choice to convert to Healthpac software. The product is superior, the technical support has been great and the people have been a pleasure to work with.
Thanks again,

Jonathan S
New York

Healthpac has definitely saved us money. The superclient is wonderful! The ease of closing out each days transactions and billing has gone from hours to minutes! Posting of charges is all done in one window as compared to three with our last program!
Posting of payments is simple! Being able to post by date adds to our accuracy! I feel that we deliver a better product to our clients!

Darlene E
Houston, TX

We just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate you & Lindy on a great User’s Group agenda for next month. It will be great to see the next set of new features released and have the opportunity to offer feedback on new ideas for next year. The new Crystal Reports & scanning options from last year are great. Two more reasons why Healthpac saves us both staff time & money and helps collect our client’s A/R quickly & efficiently.
As you know we have been using Healthpac for almost 3 years next month after converting from a software package that had been recently purchased by Medical Manager. Staying with Medical Manager would have cost us far more to use each month with less services than Healthpac. Even though we bought both Healthpac software and a new Dell server (with RAID 5) to run it on, our monthly cost is less than Medical Manager would have been with their Network Services for electronic claims alone.
Many features have saved us substantial staff time such as Superuser, shared management files such as referring physicians, ICD-9 etc., and the electronic claims menu.
As a billing service, Superuser allows us to send insurance, run reports and perform other functions across all data sets at one time thereby saving a LOT of time doing the same thing in each data set separately. Shared management files allow us, for instance, to add a new ICD-9 code, Financial class, etc. just once and it copies to all clients.
The electronic claims menu saves substantial cost by allowing us to go direct to Medicare, Medicaid and the DMERC’s. The automated scripts save us time and help us avoid errors. And, of course, Healthpac is HIPAA compliant in the 4010A1 format for both 837 & 835 files. Allowing clients to select their clearinghouse provides important flexibility so that no clearinghouse can hold us hostage as many software programs do. Just applying 835 remits across all data sets saves us about 1 FTE !
Thanks again !

Rich P
New Jersey

Our anesthesia practice had been looking for a year for a new software system. We considered 6 vendors and invited 3 to present in our office. Healthpac won, hands down! Their focus was on charges out, money in as the priority. Our cash flow has increased tremendously. The internal claims scrubber has virtually removed any rejects from the carriers. The system is extremely user friendly, produces reports galore, and most importantly, the support team is always available. Other critical concerns for us were the longevity and integrity of the company and system, the commitment for further advances and updates, and their understanding of the client needs. The Healthpac Company met all of our requirements and then some!

Diane C
Houston, TX

We are a medium-size medical billing company that services a wide-range of surgical practices. We transferred from Misys to HealthPac in 2002.Our staff finds HealthPac to be very user-friendly and now hate working on our old system (we still have one client on Misys). We scan all EOB’s and charge sheets into the system. Staff loves being able to hit a function key in an account and seeing the scanned EOB – It is a real timesaver! HealthPac continuously works on improving their software to meet the needs of their customers. We are definitely happy that we chose HealthPac!

Mary Ellen

I would like to thank you very much for all of your hospitality during our Savannah training. Your dedication to excellent customer service is easy to see. I was very impressed with all of Healthpac staff as well. Please say “thank you” to them as well.
I also want to thank you for the extra effort you put forth to make the experience fun as well as educational. The trip to your beautiful home was especially nice. Thank you for that lovely evening as well.

Reno, NV

I have been anticipating word from the local IPA regarding a new Contract with Blue Cross to be effective June 1.
I received the details this morning and in spite of having an Administrative meeting and other interruptions, I was able to update the fee schedules in 15 practices and still get home for dinner. Just in case I haven’t adequately thanked you for this program. Thanks so much!